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Mind Mapping Materials

This methodology is used to graphically gather your thoughts about a subject and group them into subject areas which can be further subdivided into workable groups of material.

A Mind Mapping Approach To Your Sketchnotes

 Affinity Diagram Materials

This methodology is used to group large numbers of ideas into related groupings to assist a team in scoping work into manageable proportions.

Affinity Mapping

Process Mapping Materials (PMAP)

This methodology is used to define a process by displaying unique process steps and their associated 'inputs' and 'outputs'.  Process Maps can be used to define a future processes needs, especially when incorporated with a Process FMEA (pFMEA), as well as with existing processes that you wish to improve.

The Pitfalls of Process Mapping

and How to Avoid Them

Function Mapping Materials (FMAP)

This methodology is used to define the interaction of design features to one another.  For example, on an assembly you would use a function map to define the part features that come in contact with each other and then decide if the design tolerances are adequate to meet the design intent.  Likewise, you will identify features of unimportance where tolerances could be larger providing a less expensive p manufacturing cost.

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